Carmen Lopez ™

Hell yeah, I'm trademarked. Just in case someone tries to steal my identity.

Lemme enlighten you with insignificant facts about myself; I'm 21, I wanna be Batman when I grow up, I broke my arm when I was nine and I'm a triplet, so technically I can be in three places at once.

My girlfriend is pretty dope; her name is Quinn. She's really pretty (like really pretty) and she's the smartest person I know besides Santana. Long story short, she's the best person ever.
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be a riot, 'cause i know you


Well, yes, but it also means a female version of ‘hero’.


Really? Don’t you think I might need a little bit more sass or class or talent?

No, you’re perfect just how you are. I think you’re even better than Beyoncé.


My hero. Well, heroine, technically—whatever.


'Fraid I'm not worthy enough to use the name Beyoncé, babygirl. At least, not yet.

Isn’t that a drug?

You’re totally worthy. You’re like the worthiest of anybody who could ever be worthy.

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Starbucks employees always, always get my name wrong. Is ‘Quinn’ really that hard to spell?! I honestly don’t have time to wait the extra five minutes in order to make sure that it’s really a variation of my name the barista is calling!


I’ll write your name down on a bunch of cups and bring ‘em to Starbucks so they’ll never spell your name wrong ever again.

Or just say your name is Beyoncé. Everyone knows how to spell Beyoncé!